Encontrando a Farro (La Manada de Luna #6) Amber Kell

ISBN: 9781614954958

Published: February 1st 2012



Encontrando a Farro (La Manada de Luna #6)  by  Amber Kell

Encontrando a Farro (La Manada de Luna #6) by Amber Kell
February 1st 2012 | ebook | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | | ISBN: 9781614954958 | 9.16 Mb

First of all, I find it odd that this book is titled Finding Farro full stop. It shouldve been titled Finding Farro, Or How Anthony Wants To Be A Wolf To Please Silver. Because, yes, the character Farro (whom we barely met in previous installments) does get a mate here and he finally experiences his Happily Ever After Mated Ending... but more than half the book is about Anthony.Having said that, I dont really mind because Ive always been rooting for Anthony and Silver and I care a lot about them, so I enjoyed seeing them here.

Besides, even though Farros story is not the prominent one here, Amber Kell does manage to effectively paint a very complex and vivid picture of this wolf shifter. His appearance might be shorter than what we wouldve liked, but hes by no means a two-dimensional character.Hes the only one among the characters here who has a son and that alone is already very sweet. Not only that, his key role in the story is how he manages to plant an idea, albeit a misleading and perhaps even cruel one, in the mighty Anthonys head.

His role as Anthonys detractor in the beginning of the story was one I welcomed. I loved the conflict and I was happy that not everyone actually got along! Its what gives spice to the series.And you cant really deny that Farro lucked out in the mate department. I was very taken with Kylen, the warrior fae who became his life companion. I never expected Farro to get a fae for a partner, but as soon as Kylen made his debut, I immediately wished he would belong to Farro. Fortunately for the shifter, Kylen is not like most fae who need more than one mate, so I was doubly charmed by him.As for Anthonys rash decision to have his grandfather - the thunder god Zeus - imbue him with wolfish powers, I view it as a major turning point for the alpha couple.

Anthony hasnt shown his vulnerable side since the beginning of the first book, where he came across as a shy man still grieving for his late dom. In the past four books, hes been a badass character. Here, though, we get to see that vulnerability again. His concern of not being enough for Silver, in spite of Silvers obvious worship of him, tugged at my heartstrings.This is probably one of the most bittersweet installments of the series so far. No surprise then that this is what makes me want to keep on reading.

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