Farmer Laura Elizabeth



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Farmer  by  Laura Elizabeth

Farmer by Laura Elizabeth
| Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 612 pages | ISBN: | 9.66 Mb

Del Farmer leans on the side of his truck outside the cemetery gates, watching intently as the local grave diggers dig deep into the earth, preparing the resting place of a poor old soul from the small town of Roscoe, Minnesota.

As the radio blares inside his truck, Dels thoughts swing away from the grim work of the grave diggers to his own family, and how lucky he is they are safe and healthy. Little does he know his life and the lives of his seven brothers are soon be altered forever when he finds himself on a journey to help his brother find his missing step-daughter. After discovering what has happened to her he believes the torment is over when a twist is added to his life upon discovery that other family members are murdered. When the brothers come together it is apparent they have grown in different directions and it is made clear that some of them are now unacceptable to others.

The turmoil is just too much for them. Along with this heinous act of carnage against their family they try to discover the truth when strange visions of spirits, ghosts and demons along with Angels appear before them. The police pressure them, the towns people confused and at bay. Who is pushed to the edge? This is a high drama/mystery of a paranormal sort. With massive adventure and intrigue it promises to capture your complete attention.

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