Beatles Day By Day, The Mark Lewisohn

ISBN: 9780517577509

Published: April 28th 1990


239 pages


Beatles Day By Day, The  by  Mark Lewisohn

Beatles Day By Day, The by Mark Lewisohn
April 28th 1990 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 239 pages | ISBN: 9780517577509 | 4.79 Mb

Tyler Overbey13 December 2014Mrs. Alberts period 5Book Love Book Review#1In “The Beatles: Day by Day” by Mark Lewison, the authors message is that every day of The Beatles’ career was influential and important in some way to someone.

We understand this message through events such as, “The Ed Sullivan Show”, where The Beatles basically changed pop music overnight. Also Shea Stadium, one of the first ever stadium concerts in which artists still do today. An important quote from the book is: “It may look very detailed and very long, but still I make no claims for this books completeness. It is strong on the 1960s because The Beatles were extraordinary active and everything they did they did publically- often whether they liked it or not.” (Lewison ix).This book as a whole is informative.

It’s basically an encyclopedia explaining everything The Beatles did “day by day”. Everything the author says about The Beatles in my opinion is completely true. This is everything that I said in the first paragraph. The Beatles (in my opinion) was and still is the greatest band of all time because of how much they influence music and people as a whole and this book helps to prove it.Although this was a slow read, it is worth the time because it gave me more knowledge on how crazy each day was for The Beatles.

It showed me that even though they did so much crazy stuff every day, they still were the most potent and groundbreaking band of all time. I now can completely agree with the author that The Beatles were extremely active but they still managed to be the greatest band of all time

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