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Warning! Askari  by  David R. Jones

Warning! Askari by David R. Jones
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When the First World War in all its brutality arrives in German East Africa, the local defence force (Schutztruppen) consisting mainly of African Askari, are tasked with preventing the transfer of British forces from the colonies to the European battlefields.Under the command of their charismatic leader Lieutenant Colonel Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck, the Schutztruppen cut a swathe through the colonies of their enemies.Determined to put a stop to this is British Intelligence officer Richard Shapiro.

Together with the Kings African Rifles, Shapiro sets out to track down the increasingly destructive nomads.Seen through the eyes of Dirk King, a young German officer whose company are sent to protect the trapped cruiser SMS Konigsberg from the searching British naval squadrons, the remarkable story of the Schutztruppen unfolds in what historians acknowledge to be the most successful guerrilla campaign in history.

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