NBA 2K15 Strategy Guide (Unofficial): Get Better at 2K the Easy Way! Jeff Seidowsky



Kindle Edition

94 pages


NBA 2K15 Strategy Guide (Unofficial): Get Better at 2K the Easy Way!  by  Jeff Seidowsky

NBA 2K15 Strategy Guide (Unofficial): Get Better at 2K the Easy Way! by Jeff Seidowsky
| Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 94 pages | ISBN: | 7.36 Mb

YouTube Channel: Guide Promo: Strategies that can help you win tournies and money!Find out how the best NBA 2K Players in the world play. I compiled a 579-98 Money Game record in NBA 2K14 using some tactics featured in last year’s guide and finished TOP 8 in the NBA 2K13 Virgin Gaming 100k tournament.Whats Included- The best three schemes per team, find out how to dominate with each team and become a better overall player!- 90 Money Plays!- 3 New Plays Every Week through VideoSprout/Youtube.

(Contact ME to receive them)- Best lineups, Set and Actions to run if you are more of a freestyle type of player.- Twenty to Thirty second video clips on how to run the plays if you don’t understand the text description. **- Works for either the Sim gamer, or the gamer that is looking to take their skill to the next level to compete in tournaments!- This is an offensive guide, but no fear- I will release a defensive guide on my YouTube channel for FREE ( so make sure you subscribe to that for tips too!- These tips are for PS4 and Xbox one.- IF you have any questions or concerns, just contact “@JefeYT” on Twitter.****** - There is nothing in this guide pertaining to MyCareer or MyPlayer.

I am a money gamer, I do not play My Career.** = Videos will be distributed through an independent private video sharing service.Check out my NBA 2K14 Money Game Records:- (313-44)- and search user “Jefe35” on (266-54)Page count also varies depending on device being view on.The strategy guide sold is composed independently and is not endorsed or authorized by 2K Sports/Visual Concepts. This product was created solely to inform/educate players of the online game NBA 2K15 about how to become a better player.

This guide is not a copy of the official guide. The information contained in this guide is based on public domain information and is not intended to represent any endorsement by the National Basketball Association, its players or Visual Concepts. I am not endorsed or connected with Visual Concepts or the National Basketball Association by any manner.*****THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL (ENDORSED BY 2K) STRATEGY GUIDE | THIS GUIDE IS WRITTEN BY A COMPETITIVE NBA 2K PLAYER*****

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