The Spa Swap Violette Springs



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The Spa Swap  by  Violette Springs

The Spa Swap by Violette Springs
| Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 20 pages | ISBN: | 8.30 Mb

Description:Patricia and Kyle are a happily married couple who have won a trip to a luxury resort. During their stay, the two encounter Sophia and Alex, a wealthy, attractive couple. Sophia and Kyle immediately hit off through their shared interests. Although she doesn’t approve of Sophia’s obvious attraction to her husband, Patricia finds herself draw to the charismatic Alex.Alex and Sophia invite them to spend a session at the resort’s private spa with them.

While she loves her husband, Patricia finds the handsome, well-traveled Alex to be fascinating as well as attractive. As they relax in the spa, the two couples grow closer. Soon, the four of them descend into a series of erotic games that test the boundaries of their marriage. The sensual atmosphere of the spa gradually lowers their inhibitions as the innocent couple for their seducers. With Sophia tempting her husband, Alex’s charms are too much to resist. Will they be able indulge in their desires without consequences? Or will they swap heated emotions as well as spouses?EXPLICIT: This 7100 word story contains graphic language and imagery such as hot, steamy sex scenes with spouse swapping!

This erotic about adventurous married couples might be too intense and vivid for some to handle!EXCERPT:“I’m curious for your opinion on my husband, Patty-cake,” Sophia teased, gesturing for me to stand with her husband. I looked questioningly at Kyle before instinctively standing up with Alex. I looked toward my husband for permission but he wore no expression on his face.

“Go on, give him a try.”Again, I turned to look at my husband. We both knew this would go far beyond a mere kiss. For a second, we shared a momentary look of terror. Our marriage would never be the same after the next few moments. Yet, a part of me wanted us to go through this forbidden threshold. He gave me a small smile and barely nodded his approval of this illicit encounter.I rested my hand on Alex’s hard chest as he closed in on me. I closed my eyes just his lips met with mine.

At first, we were slow as if exploring each other with our tongues. The softness of his tongue contrasted with the hardness of his teeth. Alex’s hand began to grope at my clothed backside. Soon, we opened our mouths wider and turned our heads in opposite the direction. Alex’s hands tugged at my towel and forced it to fall off my torso.I was utterly spellbound by Alex’s display of raw passion. I had never kissed my husband with such abandon and intensity.

My exposed breasts were pressed flush against his chest. I could feel my heart pounding within my chest like a bomb counting down. What had started as mere exploration had exploded into an intimate embrace. I broke our kiss. Alex looked at me with a know smile. He saw the anger, excitement, and arousal festering within me.

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